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Saurav (Srv) Singhania
Oba Makarna Pasta

Marketing & Branding Strategist | Growth Expert

I leverage my expertise as both a Marketing & Branding Strategist and a Digital Growth Expert to propel brands forward. I craft creative and data-driven solutions for branding, performance marketing, and lead generation, empowering businesses to achieve sustainable growth across all marketing channels.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

My Skills

I bring a powerful toolbox of creative skills to help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals. Here's what I can do for you:

  • Branding.

    I craft visual stories and strategic messaging that connect with your audience on an emotional level, build trust, and turn them into loyal brand advocates. I can help your logo become a symbol that rallies your customers and sets you apart from the competition.

  • Marketing Automation.

    I leverage marketing automation tools to streamline marketing, business processes, repetitive tasks, personalize customer journeys, and boost engagement across channels. Let's unlock efficient marketing that drives results!

  • Marketing.

    I design data-driven marketing campaigns that are engaging and effective. I can ignite conversations on social media, spark curiosity with blog posts, and ensure your targeted ads reach the perfect audience. I'm the force that propels your brand to new heights.

  • Digital Marketing.

    I strategies all aspects of your digital marketing strategy. From social media campaigns and email marketing to search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, I can help you reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.

  • Digital Architect.

    I champion a user-centered approach to your website. I don't just help you modify or build your websites; I analyze user behavior, identify pain points, and recommend UI/UX improvements to optimize navigation, information flow, and overall user experience.

  • Go-to-Market Strategist.

    I help you develop a winning go-to-market strategy to ensure a smooth and successful launch of your product or service. This includes identifying your target market, crafting your value proposition, and selecting the most effective channels to reach your audience.

  • Product Development.

    I turn brilliant ideas into real-world products. I'll guide you through every stage, from brainstorming features to crafting prototypes and gathering user feedback. Together, we'll build innovative products that solve problems and delight your customers.

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4 Steps to Brand Brilliance

I'm your passionate brand strategist, ready to help you unleash your brand's full potential.

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Step 01
Spark Ignition
Share your vision, dreams, and challenges. I'll listen deeply, sparking the ignition of your brand.
Step 02
Brand DNA Design
Explore creative elements tailored just for you. Collaborate and refine, ensuring your brand voice is true.
Step 03
Masterful Crafting
Watch your vision transform into reality with meticulous attention to detail and a brand masterpiece.
Step 04
Launch & Beyond
Unleash your brand masterpiece to the world. I'll celebrate your success and optimize for growth.

My Work ✨

I'm passionate about helping businesses achieve brand brilliance and I'm looking for new challenges. Take a look at some of my recent portfolio:


The Impact I Deliver: Client Success Stories

Here are some examples of how I've helped clients achieve their branding goals:

"I faced challenges with my current website and the lack of digital marketing was limiting our growth. Thankfully, Saurav Singhania completely transformed our online presence with a stunning website, targeted marketing campaigns, and strategic solutions. The results have been very impressive, leading to significant improvements in our business growth and client engagement."
"Since 2018, Saurav Singhania has been a key partner in Filco Travel's growth. His expertise in both digital marketing and IT helped us revamp our website, develop targeted campaigns, and choose the perfect CRM software. Saurav's understanding of the travel industry and digital trend, making him a fantastic resource for any business seeking top-notch marketing solutions."
"Thank You for making a lot of effort in preparing the marketing plan, which I find interesting. Gives us good idea of how the young minds are thinking. Thank you for all your effort. "
"He's expertise in the IT arena are second to none. He get the most out of his resources and work alongside with us in the trenches as each deadline approaches. He have always completed tasks on time turning in quality work of the highest standards."
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